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Welcome to Hello! Project awards. This is an icontest community focused on the artists/groups (past & current) of H!P. Anyone may join and enter their icons, even if you don't submit you can still vote in the weekly icon polls.
Banners will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners along with the Special Category winnner we will have each week. Along with a banner the 1st place entry will be the main icon for hello_awards for that week.

If you would like to know more about Hello! Project and the groups and artists involved check out this site HERE :D

You must be a member to participate in the contests and voting.

Icons must be related to H!P members/groups and must use the theme given that week. You may not use pictures of cosplay for your icons.

Your icons must follow lj standards- can not be over 100x100 pixels, and can not be larger then 40kb.

Icons must be made new for the contests.

You can NOT show your icon anywhere until voting is over and winners are announced! If you do you will be disqualified.

Don't cheat! Do not vote for your own icons or strategize your vote to help you come out better. Cheaters will be banned.

This should be a given but do not steal other peoples icons to enter or use.

If you liked certain icons when voting wait till the winners are announced and we will post a list of the makers so then you may ask to use the icons and CREDIT them! Do not just take the icons and start using them without asking & giving credit.

Always respect your fellow members.

A new theme will be announced every Sunday by the Mod. At that time the Mod will give you rules pertaining to the theme that week. You will have one week to turn in your icons.

Please use the form below when submitting your icons to the themed post.

Artist/group featured: Mai Hagiwara of ℃-ute
Credits: n/a

The above form is NOT an option! For every icon you submit you must follow the example above or your entries will not be accepted.

Voting will take place every Friday night at 11:00pm EST and last till Sunday night at 6pm EST.

You will be voting for your favorite three icons plus the special category. You must pick a different icon then from the top three you have already chosen.

The icons you vote for will be assigned points, 1st→3pts, 2nd→2pts, 3rd→1pt. This helps to lower the number of ties.

Remember do not vote for yourself (We will be checking IP addresses), or get your friends to vote for you.

Week one // Cute
Week two // Food/Drink
Week three // Outdoors
Week four // Pink
Week five // Textless
Week six // Innocence
Week seven // Schoolgirl
Week eight // Groups
Week nine // Concerts
Week ten // Silly
Week eleven // Swimming
Week twelve // Dance
Week thirteen // Serenity
Week fourteen // Play
Week fifteen // Lights
Week sixteen // Foreign Language
Week seventeen // Sports
Week eighteen // Black & White
Week nineteen // Smile
Week twenty // Country Musume-Uwaki Na Honey Pie
Week twenty-one // Casual
Week twenty-two // Numbers
Week twenty-three // Letters
Week twenty-four // Anything Goes
Week twenty-five // Stage outfits
Week twenty-six // Close up
Week twenty-seven // Hearts
Week twenty-eight // Blue
Week twenty-nine // Sexy
Week thirty // Tanaka Reina
Week thirty-one // Song titles
Week thirty-two // Mirror
Week thirty-three // Vibrant
Week thirty-four // Tsuji Nozomi
Week thirty-five // Monochrome
Week thirty-six // Harmony
Week thirty-seven // Sky
Week thirty-eight // Hope
Week thirty-nine // Tiny text
Week forty // Swimsuits
Week forty-one // Flowers
Week forty-two // Valentines
Week forty-three // Purple
Week forty-four // Kago Ai
Week forty-five // Magic
Week forty-six // Hand gestures
Week forty-seven // V-U-Den-Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari
Week forty-eight // Favorite H!P member
Week forty-nine // Yellow
Week fifty // Sleep
Week fifty-one // Relationships
Week fifty-two // Sweet
Week fifty-three // Joy
Week fifty-four // Sepia
Week fifty-five // Yoshizawa Hitomi
Week fifty-six // Alone
Week fifty-seven // Whimsical
Week fifty-eight // Rain
Week fifty-nine // Faceless
Week sixty // Maki Goto-LOVE Kan Coffee
Week sixty-one // Onna ni Sachi Are
Week sixty-two // Green
Week sixty-three // Action
Week sixty-four // Kamei Eri
Week sixty-five // School
Week sixty-six // Accessories

All entries are tagged as well, if the memories are not working check out the tags list here.

Have an idea for a theme? Suggest it HERE!

Mods are to be respected at all times and are the only members that are allowed to post.


Banner Makers:
yuebing, carla_chan, & mangoninja;
Banner rotation:

Week 61: yuebing
Week 62: mangoninja
Week 63: yuebing
Week 64: carla_chan
Week 65: yuebing

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